High Density Core
– The Revolutionary Technology Inside

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Duracell Ultra Power Batteries have a High Density Core. This gives the battery a dense and compact structure that enables ut to us to fit more energy into a regular size battery, which gives Duracell Ultra Power a longer operating time than other Duracell batteries.

Unlike zinc carbon batteries, Duracell batteries contain no air space, which means that there is more room inside for active materials. They are packed effectively, creating the dense and compact structure of the High Density Core. In effect, it gives significantly more power and operating time in comparison to zinc carbon batteries.

The High Density Core means more power

Duracell batteries with a High Density Core give you long-lasting power, because they are filled with more active ingredients. The weight speaks for itself.

Duracell batteries with the High Density Core are heavier than ordinary ones. You can easily feel their weight in your hand. You may also conduct an experimant to prove the superior built quality. Take a glass jar and fill it with water. Throw both an ordinary and a Duracell Ultra Power battery in the jar. Duracell Ultra Power is heavy, so it sinks. The other battery floats as it has air space inside. What does this mean? More weight eaquals more active material,  and more active material equals more power. Duracell’s Hi-Density Core technology provides long-lasting alkaline power for both high and low drain devices, so you can be sure that their performance will be reliable. Look in your store for Duracell Ultra Power batteries and enjoy using your  devices without unnecessary interruptions.


These multi-purpose batteries are ideal for reliably powering everyday devices. Duracell Ultra Power batteries give you the freedom to enjoy the use of your appliances by giving you a product you can rely on.



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High Density Core– The Revolutionary Technology Inside

Duracell Ultra Power Batteries have a High Density Core. This gives the battery a dense and compact structure…

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