Duracell's next generation of power Duracell Optimum

We are proud to introduce Duracell Optimum, our most groundbreaking innovation yet. Duracell Optimum 1.5-Volt AA and AAA batteries use a unique formula that helps to improve the performance of your devices. It lasts longer¹ in some devices like your Xbox One Wireless Controller, while it will make other devices, like your RC toy car² go faster¹ for better playtime, or your battery operated screwdriver ³ rotate quicker¹ to build your furniture in record time.

Get more out of your devices with Duracell Optimum.

1Extra battery life vs. minimum average duration in 2015 IEC tests (www.iec.ch) or extra battery power in a range of devices vs. next best alkaline AA/AAA. www.duracell.info
2Tested in Spinmaster Grave Digger 1:24, 24ghz
3Tested in Black+Decker BCF601

Extra Life* In some devices

Work and play for longer.

Extra Power* in others

Get more speed from your devices for better playtime. Faster rotation to save time in furniture building or dismantling.

Optimum packaging

Unique design keeps batteries in place and allows secure storage when recycling.


Duracell Optimum Packaging
Meets Duracell Optimum Performance

Duracell Optimum's packaging is 100% recyclable.

Duracell Optimum’s pack keeps new batteries in place and allows secure storage of used ones for recycling

The Science

We took our best performing battery and added a NEW ACTIVE MATERIAL FOR MORE ENERGY.

Duracell Optimum battery voltage is the same as the voltage of other Duracell alkaline batteries (1.5V), yet, its active material on top of its alkaline chemistry, allow to deliver a higher running voltage in a wide range of devices.